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There was, and still is, a distinct difference between the followers of the Way of Jesus (an international movement) and the Judaic movement called The Christians. This story is told in the Christian book, Acts of the Apostles.

Jesus promised that he would come again to continue his mission to help us. He would come again not as an incarnated being but as a spiritual being–and he did. Jesus did not lie about his 2nd coming, nor did he change his mind as Christians say–he did come at the time and place and manner as he had promised.

Christians (being of the Jewish faith) awaited a Jewish Messiah, the one promised in their scripture to be a military ruler who would defeat the enemies of Yahweh and set the Jews as rulers of the world.  They are still waiting for their Messiah, the Chrestos, Christ to come.

Wayists and other groups in Egypt and India who also knew Jesus’s teaching understood the 2nd coming to be when the Lord’s immense spiritual presence in our sphere is announced. The understanding was that the Lord would appear and bring with him large numbers of helper beings, spiritual beings from the place he called the Kingdom of his Father, the place where we too can go.

Jesus: Successful Earthly Ministry

Jesus’ earthly ministry to reform some religions was successful. By the time of his 2nd coming, reformations had already taken place in Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Gnosticism. In all these religions compassion became a major feature. The role of women started to change. Reformations in Hindusim and Buddhism now allowed women to go to heaven, get enlightenment. The role of the priest and monk declined as (bhakti) personal religion, mysticism, started to take over.

Jesus specified when it was that his 2nd coming would be. He said it will be after the end of the world of the people where they stood at the time–Jerusalem. He said when the Temple in Jerusalem is destroyed, after that. That happened in 70AD when the Romans sacked Jerusalem and almost two million Jews died. Later, they were banned from coming back to Jerusalem for 200 years. It was the end of their world. Jesus also said his return would be within a generation (40 years), and it was. He said he will return “in the East, and the light will be seen even in the West”, and that is how it happened, the new awareness was first embraced in the East. He send Thomas to Kashmir to prepare a community for Wayists from Palestine who would flee the end of that world; he said to them “flee for the mountains”, which they did, forming Wayist communities in what is known today as Northern India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Jesus: successful 2nd coming for all (but those who wait for the Jewish Messiah)

The start of Jesus’ celestial ministry happened in the period c.78AD when the Lotus Sutra revealed the incoming of the Buddha of Compassion. The new awareness finalized the split between Mahayana (where compassion is the key to enlightenment) and what we know today as the atheist and misogynist Theravada (where knowledge is the the key to enlightenment). The new awareness fueled the Bhakti Movement and cemented the place of the Bhagavad Gita in Hindu society, among many other transformations along the same ethic, in the late 1st century.

Original Trinity

The presence of the majestically powerful spiritual being was announced, known to us by the Sanskrit title Avalokiteshvara — the Lord who hears and sees the prayers of all in the world. He was hailed as the World Saviour and the gateway to Enlightenment for all sentient beings. He came not only in his own power but is described by the Great Buddha as His son. The first time ever that a senior Buddha spoke of someone as His son. Avalokiteshvara is among us as the son, who is also the prince, of the western heaven called Sukhavati (Land of Bliss). The Father in heaven is called Lord Amitabha, which translates as Resplendent Light. Jesus sometimes prayed to Him as abha father, or light father. But there’s more. Avalokiteshvara is here with us as a yang force and he brings with him another being of a yin force, the Buddha of Wisdom, Mahastamprata, whose name means ‘the coming of great wisdom’, the holy spirit, the advocate of truth whom Jesus referred to before he departed.The concept of the trinity Father, Son and Holy spirit was entrenched in Wayist societies many decades before it took hold in the west. In the East, iconography of the heavenly trinity found its way into temples, monasteries and private home shrines ever since the end of the 1st century.

The Awareness rapidly spreads East and North

Avalokiteshvara says he will appear to all sentient beings in the form most suitable for them, whether it be the form of a woman, a child, an animal, or any of the gods. This era introduced a new place of honour for women. When the empress of China heard of this “new Buddhism” immediately she made it the national religion and statues of Avalokiteshvara, or Guanjin in Chinese, appeared all over China and even mixed in with Daoism. From here it went to Japan and is seen today in Zen, Tiantai, Pure Land and many other Buddhist movements based on compassion.

Today, the awareness of the presence of the Lord as World Saviour is honoured by more than two billion people in various religions. The ministry of Jesus incarnate was hugely successful, and now we live in the phase where His spiritual presence is omnipresent and is not based on religion, group, creed, race or species.


The light is seen in the west: a very readable historical novel

It is an opportune time for the west to gain the new awareness. Central spiritual concepts were only recently allowed in western societies without fear of burning at the stake or banishment. Westerns now know about karma, dharma, yin and yang and prana, zen and meditation. The time has come.

The book Universal Gateway to Enlightenment is written as a historical novel that appeals to a wide readership. For scholars and historians, we include in this website multiple references and additional information to continue research on this topic.

Read the book and see how Wayists understand and associate with the spiritual being who was once incarnated as the teacher Jesus.

Learn what did Jesus do, year by year from the time of his birth up to his second coming.




Based on three decades of research across world religions, referencing Scripture and religious traditions East and West, a totally new understanding of world spirituality emerges. As we become aware of the intimate commonality, the golden thread of truth, that merges Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist, Gnostic and early-Christian thinking, a new dawn in spirituality enlightens. We discover how obstinate doctrinal traditions veiled the common truth, how human tinkering and incessant additions of man-made dogma redefined God and the purpose of life on Earth. We rediscover the omnibenevolence and inherent beauty that is our true heritage.


Our story starts in the 1st century.
Three Wise Men from the East, spiritual leaders from three world religions were not only the first devotees, but also sponsors of the Great Incarnation known as Iesous, Issa, Jesus, Yesu, and Oesho the world over. He works from Egypt to North India inspiring reforms in religions, advocating individual spirituality and equal rights for women.


The Lord teaches The Way of Humility, Simplicity and Compassion–and universal enlightenment for all sentient beings. We receive the most beautiful mantra/prayer–Om Mani Padme Hum and its life-transforming lessons. Also the wonderfully simple teachings of the Fulfilment of Wisdom upon which the Zen tradition was built, on which Vipassana meditation relies, and by which the Mindfulness culture is inspired.

The Lord’s ministry was a huge success, most notably in the East where Mahayana Buddhism immediately espoused the Lord’s gentle Way. Soon, Hinduism followed and adopted / adapted icons of the Lord. A reformation movement in Judaism came about, not known as The Way (which was Jesus’ movement), but as the Messiah Movement (Christians), because they awaited the Judaic military-style Messiah. By the 4th century already, Daoism incorporated awareness of the Lord as the chief spiritual helper of humankind. Awareness of the presence of the World Savior spread throughout China and SE Asia. Today, almost two billion people know of the peace and beauty of the Lord.

His gift to us is a non-religious, non-denominational, personal and intimate spirituality. A relationship with spiritual beings never before held by humans. It brings hope, peace and purpose to our lives and helps us advocate for human rights and care for mother Earth. The personal transformation, spiritual power and infusion of grace in our souls is an amazing life experience without which a human life is surely wasted.

The Real Good News

Universal Gateway of Enlightenment tells the greatest good news story ever told. The full story of the Great Incarnation known in the West as Jesus, the one who was cared for by Easterners from birth, but later in his career died at the hands of Mid-Eastern religious intolerance. The one who came back in 78AD, hailed in Sanskrit literature as Avalokiteshvara (the Lord of Compassion). That time, He came in spiritual form along with thousands of spiritual helpers to walk The Way with us, as we fulfil the purpose of life.

“For just as lightning comes
from the East and is seen
even to the West,
so will be the coming
of the Son of Man.”
Mt 24:27


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Universal Gateway of Enlightenment

THE STORY OF UNIVERSAL SALVATION enlightenment for every soul

Thirty Years of Research

Based on three decades of research and academic studies, East and West–and taken from self-evident truths and evidence in contemporary eastern faith traditions–Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c.78AD is presented to readers as a factual, very readable, historical novel with endearing characters (such as Mary Magdalene and St. Thomas). It is about the purpose of life, the purpose of (Jesus) Iesous’ incarnation, his travels and work among cultures east and west–and it is about the HUGE success story of Jesus worldwide ministry, that transformed the world like no other event in human history.

Start an Amazing Journey this Lifetime

On this exciting, dramatic journey in Universal Gateway of Enlightenment, we travel along with Jesus and his bodyguard. We learn about his teachings of reincarnation and why it is the benevolent path of growth for soul beings. We learn Jesus’ teaching about the spiritual laws, especially of the law of Dharma. Yes, we travel in the East and follow Jesus and his companions as they work among Buddhists, Hindus, Gnostic, monks and the poor. We learn about Jesus’ teaching that empowers women, and we see the rise of the original feminist movement, in the 1st century. It is an amazing travel and adventure story–and for some, it will be the most spiritual book they ever read. Wayists across the world embrace Universal Gateway of Enlightenment–its lessons become part of one’s soul, attitude and daily peace.

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