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The book, Universal Gateway of Enlightenment : The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World (Avalokiteshvara) in c.78AD, by author Jean du Plessis is available in print and e-book from Amazon outlets around the world, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers in your area. Bookshop links on this site.



With Universal Gateway of Enlightenment, Jean tells the story of Jesus from a Wayist perspective, with guidance from his teachers in India and the fascinating honorable Gujjar people (referred to as gypsies by some) who move their livestock up and down the Himalaya Mountains from Jammu to Kashmir. Informed by decades of scholarship and spiritual practice, the story of Jesus’ ministry is told not in arid academic language, but as an “historical novel”.
This is the story of Jesus from the perspective of Wayists who believe that the avatar of a god, who lived a lifetime as the Teacher Jesus, came from heaven to reform the religions of the day, to set us on the Path of Compassion as the highest prajna (wisdom), higher than knowledge (which is available only to the children of wealthy people). After his ministry in Asia and the Levant, Jesus was executed in Judea for his message. Having made a vow to help all sentient beings along the Butterfly Path to enlightenment, he returns in his spiritual form, in the year 78CE, and remains with us to this day, along with thousands of spiritual helpers who engage seekers on the Path.
The Lord is received in the Lotus Sutra as one of the most important spiritual helpers accessible to humankind. His title in Sanskrit is Avalokiteshvara (in Chinese, Guanyin, or in Japanese, Kannon), the Lord who observes all from on high. This was how the reformation in Buddhism happened and movements like Chen, Zen and Pure Land Buddhism was founded, and in the Tibetan variant, the Dalai Lama is said to be perpetually imbued by the spirit of that Lord, the Buddha of Compassion, and in the reformation movement from Judaism, Christianity, he is known as the Christ.
“For just as lightning comes
from the East and is seen
even to the West,
so will be the coming
of the Son of Man.”
Mt 24:27

Mari of Magadha

Readers will be pleasantly entertained to learn about the centrality of Mari, who hails from the Indian country of Magadha, in Jesus’ ministry.

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