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Reading the book Universal Gateway of Enlightenment


Available for residents of selected towns where a bookstore is advertising this promotion

  1. Buy an eBook from the Kindle Store or from Nook (about $5)
  2. Post a review from the same login that made the purchase. This will give you a “verified” review, meaning it is a review of someone who actually own the book.
  3. Claim your print-copy from your participating bookstore. They will verify that you posted a review.

How to write a review?

Be honest

Be helpful to other readers, trying to decide what they want to read. Readers value reviews of “people like them”. Show a little bit about ‘who you are’ in the review so that readers can decide whether they are a little like you. Then, your review will be voted, ‘helpful’ by shoppers like you.

How to rate a book (by stars)

Rating is different than whether you liked the thesis, or the story. Ratings also consider whether a book is professionally manufactured, do people get value for their money, are there hosts of typos and grammar errors, etc. etc. Some people say they reserve one or two stars for whether or not they liked the writing (as per your review)–the other stars go for the actual product.

What is a bad review?

A bad review is a review out of context. If readers cannot see who you are like, they cannot identify with you.

All that the bad reviewer left on paper is that someone did not like the book/product. Well, we all know that before we looked at the reviews–there will always be people who do not like a particular thing. But who? I want to know who, because that person may or may not be like me.

Rating a sexy love story. A novel gets 1,000 reviews all top score. You buy it and are positively disgusted beyond your sensibilities. The grammar sucks and the language is vile. Later, you discover that 1,000 14-year-old boys rated the book so high, and you are a grandmother who likes to read on the porch. You are not like them at all.

You go on and write a scathing review that shows all that you think is wrong with it. But you identify yourself to other reader like you. That’s a good review.


Author should be jailed!!

I am an avid reader and dedicated follower of the holiest of holies XYZ and I must warn everyone. This book exceedingly upset me, the author should be jailed. Dont buy this.

Opened my mind

I am a thirty-something mum with very little interest in the subject matter of this book. However, I am so happy I read it. It was a compelling read. The travels and people, the different religions–all of it expanded my mind. I loved the characters in the story. In fact, for the first time in my life I think I understand where Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism fit in the universe of religious thought.


I am a teacher at a well known seminary for pastors in the Mid-West USA. I have had extensive Bible School training and can tell you. This is bull! I will NOT look into Sanskrit literature and will NOT be asking Buddhists about the Lord thank you very much.

Loved it, get this book for sure

I was an the fence about Zen, Yoga and my Christian background. This book put it all in place, gave me so much peace.

From an atheist–a must read for atheists

Let me just say this. There IS another, very valid truth that fits between atheism and the theism that we used to despise. Do yourself a favour. For me, I can now say “I know my child is in heaven”.

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