1st to 3rd century religious movements touched by Iesous’ ministry

Lists are horrible literary devices; notwithstanding we include yet another here, to show a non-comprehensive list of faith groups that either resulted from, or were directly influenced by the ministry of Iesous. Following the work of Iesous, changes occurred in many faith groups, and as one would expect, new groups formed. Over the years, some of the groups amalgamated and became worldwide religions—Manicheism is an example—the Christians shut many down, and several were not viable right from their genesis.


Gnostic Christians (many different groups) Mandaeism
Manichaeism (later) Ancient Church of the East (not Orthodox Church of the East)
Cerdonians Marcionism
Christians (reformation within Judaism) Mahayana (reformation within Buddhism)
Pure Land Buddhism Nestorians
Amidism Seleucians
Apelliacos Lucianists
Colorbasians Simonians
Menandrians Dositheans
Syrian-Egyptic Gnosticism Bardesanites
Basilidians Hermeticism
Sethians Valesians
Satornilians Thomasines
Valentianism Heracleonites
Ptolemaeans Persian Gnosticism
Mandaeanism Manichaeism
Al-Dayhuri’s Sect Albanenses
Astati Audianism
Shinang’s Sect Sabians
Abelonians Agapetae
Alogians Angelici
Antitactae Aquarii
Archontics Ascodroutes
Barbeliotae Borborites
Coddians Stratiotici
Levitics Phibionites
Cainites Carpocratians
Cerinthians Adamites
Marcellianas Cleobians
Docetae Elcesaites
Encratites Severians
Apotactics Marcosians
Messalians Nicolaism
Ophites Naassenes
Perates Priscillianism

Annotations to the book Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The second coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c. 78AD, by author Jean du Plessis


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