Anecdotes of Tradition

In this section, we include brief mention of some traditions of faith that relate to this book. Wayists believe these to point toward fact. Author never cared to research, to ‘prove’ for historical accuracy. Western scientific minds cannot yet prove that Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Iesous, God, the Omnipresent One, souls and spirits, other universes and life on other planets exist—so all of that definitely do not exist in the West. We just like to believe what we believe—knowledge is too fickle to take seriously when it comes to eternal truths about spiritual matters.

I like the traditional stories for what they are, and they help my body-mind to stop nagging about dots it could not connect.

Annotations to the book Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The second coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c. 78AD, by author Jean du Plessis


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