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Author Jean du Plessis reveals in his controversial new book, Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World (Avalokiteshvara) in c. 78CE, how Jesus meets Mari of Magadha in India as a young woman. She travels with him for many years and becomes the world’s first feminist theologian. Her position as foremost spiritual leader of The Way is undisputed but for Peter’s protestations. She authors the Fourth Gospel, and spends the rest of her long life championing the cause of women’s rights, the rights of widows and children.

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Feminist Movement

The Feminist Movement is defined by latter-day scholars as an awareness that started in the early 19th century. In

Mary Magdalene protofeminist and feminist theologian at the cross of Iesous

Mary Magdalene proto feminist and feminist theologian at the cross of Iesous

this milieu, Mari of Magadha, or Mari the Magadhalene (Christianized as Mary Magdalene) as she was known in Galilee, was therefore not a Feminist but a Protofeminist, because she came before the feminist movement. She was in fact, the world’s first ever and most important feminist theologian in history.


Mari did not know the Christians because they sprung from the Jewish reformation movement started by Paul, about twelve years after the crucifixion, almost a decade after Mari and many Wayists already left Galilee and Judea. Nevertheless, Mari did not leave the area before she had established a strong Wayist movement in southern Judea. She left them with a theological account of Iesous’ work among the Jews, most probably named The Word and The Way. Later Christians would remove her name from her excellent, and different book, edit a few parts and rename it as the (now controversial) Gospel of John. Most Christian theologians today refer to her book as The Fourth Gospel, because the authorship of John and his ‘presence’ at the cross has long since been proved a false and later-Church fabrication.

Says author Jean du Plessis, “For me, Mari Magadhalene is the most remarkable woman in the history of humankind. Her tenacity, devotion, astuteness and immense will qualified her to be Iesous’ foremost disciple and spiritual leader of Wayists worldwide–but she had higher qualities still, which brought about greater things than we can fathom with our limited human minds…but we learn.”

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