End Notes to the book

End Notes for the book: Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The second coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c. 78AD

by Jean Prieur du Plessis (author)

The Lord’s Wayism did not intend to start a new religion in the first centuries. It was delivered to empower and rejuvenate institutions for souls. It was a renewed awareness, a force that brought about renewal and reform in established religions. The awareness spread rapidly from Egypt to China and India. By the 3rd century, several important spiritual movements, that are still going strong today, had a meaningful presence in the furthest corners of South East Asia. Include the Jewish reformation movement, the Christians in this picture and we have a significant New Awareness that spans the known world of the time, from Rome to Cambodia and Japan.

Our End Notes, takes a look at some of the factors that played key roles in this New Awareness of the World Savior in our midst.


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